How to tell if a painting is an acrylic? (Tips and tricks)

Acrylic paintings can made to be look like anything. They can look like acrylics themselves, like oils sometimes, and also like watercolors. Because of its versatility, it is harder to recognize acrylics in a painting. So you might wonder, how to tell if a painting is acrylic? In general, acrylic paintings are more opaque and … Read more

Is acrylic paint flammable? (according to industry standards)

Acrylic paint is a type of plastic emulsion used by artists. We know that almost all plastics can catch fire or become flammable. So you might wonder if acrylic paint is flammable. Acrylic paint is not a flammable or combustible liquid when wet but a combustible plastic when dry. Acrylic paint should not be heated … Read more

Is acrylic paint washable? (Tested for different surfaces)

It is common for us artists to get messy. Acrylic paint can get on our hands, clothes, carpets, tables, walls, and other places that are not intended for it. Sometimes it is harder to wash off or get off acrylic paint on surfaces. So you might wonder is acrylic paint washable? In general, acrylic paint … Read more

Is acrylic paint harmful? (In different routes of exposure)

Acrylic paint is one of those safe art mediums. But it is not always like that. It can turn on you if not handled properly and with care. So, let’s see if acrylic paint is harmful. Acrylic paint is nonharmful and nontoxic unless you ingest or inhale it. Inhaling particles of acrylic paint would be … Read more

Can acrylic paint cause cancer? (Risks and precautions)

Acrylic paints are generally considered nontoxic. But you might have seen acrylic paint contains some metals like cadmium which are carcinogens. So do these carcinogens in acrylic paint increase our risk of getting cancer? Acrylic paints are nontoxic and do not cause cancer or other toxic effects in proper artistic use. Acrylic paint has cadmium, … Read more

Do you paint from dark to light with acrylic paint?

When using some art mediums it is recommended to paint from dark to light while others recommend painting from light to dark. So you might wonder which technique to follow when using acrylic paint. As a general rule, paint from dark to light with acrylic paint. First, block in the values (usually dark) of each … Read more

Does cheap acrylic paint work? (Plan for a tight budget)

Acrylic painting can be pretty expensive at some point. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You might not be able to do the investment for good quality acrylic paints now and may be wondering if cheap acrylic paint work. In general, cheap acrylic paint will work for a beginner who does not have … Read more

Is it cheaper to make acrylic paint? (Price breakdown)

I got to know that many artists make acrylic paints. As I study more about making acrylic paint, I saw how interesting it can be. Then I wondered if it is cheaper to make acrylic paints than to buy them. Here is what I have found. In general, making acrylic paint is an investment that … Read more

How to reactivate dried acrylic paint? (Is it possible?)

I have checked my old acrylic paint bottles recently and found that most of them are dry. I love some of those colors, so it would be nice to reactivate or rehydrate them. To figure out how to reactivate dried acrylic paint I researched on the web and ran my little experiments. Here is what … Read more

Lumpy acrylic paint: why that happens and how to fix it

Acrylic paints can have some defects like lumpiness and you might not have any idea why that happened. This is especially annoying in acrylic pour art as you can only see lumps after the paint is already on the canvas most of the time. Lumpy or clumpy acrylic paint occurs when acrylic paint is drying … Read more