Lumpy acrylic paint: why that happens and how to fix it

Acrylic paints can have some defects like lumpiness and you might not have any idea why that happened. This is especially annoying in acrylic pour art as you can only see lumps after the paint is already on the canvas most of the time. Lumpy or clumpy acrylic paint occurs when acrylic paint is drying … Read more

Why is acrylic paint watery? and best ways to fix it

Watery acrylic paint can be annoying both for artists as well as painters. If you are painting horizontally watery acrylic paint can run down, or it may not even stick to the surface well. You might be wondering why acrylic paint becomes watery. As a whole, acrylic paint becomes watery when the paint is kept … Read more

10 Best ways to fix blotchy or streaky acrylic paint

Blotchy or streaky acrylic paint is a common problem for most acrylic painting artists. It can be pretty annoying when you cannot make those smooth paint layers and transitions. However, there are a few techniques and tips to fix blotchy or streaky acrylic paint. In general, blotchy or streaky acrylic paints occur due to thin … Read more

Alternative for Acrylic Paint: Best Eco-Friendly Solution

You might already be an acrylic artist like me. But as you know acrylic paint is essentially plastics. That is why it can offer us all the good stuff that oil paints cannot offer. So, is there a better alternative for acrylic paint? The best eco-friendly alternative to acrylic paint, concerning the plastics it contains, … Read more

Acrylic Paint Peeling: Common Reasons and Best Fixes

I have heard many times about acrylic paint peeling in both artists and home improvement discussions. So I thought of putting out a well-detailed resource for you so that you can prevent acrylic paint from peeling or fix it if you have already faced acrylic paint peeling. In general, acrylic paint or any other paint … Read more

Why does acrylic paint lift? (Best solutions included)

If you have stumbled upon this article you might have experienced acrylic paint lifting. I have faced this problem several times ever since I started using my new canvases. Anyway, many factors go into the question ‘why does acrylic paint lift?’ In general, acrylic paint lifts when paint cannot grab onto the surface it is … Read more

Do professional artists use acrylic paint? (with examples)

As acrylic paint is a relatively new art medium, you might wonder if professional artists use acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is well accepted by professional artists because it is easy to use, easy to clean up, dry quickly, and non-toxic. But some artists do not prefer the fast-drying nature of acrylic paint, because it does … Read more

Why won’t acrylic paint stick to the canvas? (5 Reasons)

Sometimes, acrylic paint will not stick to the canvas and it’s very frustrating to an artist. There are a few reasons for this and you can easily avoid them. Here is why acrylic paint will not stick to the canvas. As a general rule, acrylic paint will not stick to the canvas when there is … Read more

Does paint dry darker or lighter? What you need to know

You must choose the right color of paint for the project. So, now you might wonder if the paint you chose will look the same after drying or will it dry darker? As a general rule paint except watercolors dries darker than its wet color. However, factors such as light, sheen, paint quality, coverage, and … Read more

How long for acrylic paint to cure? (Comprehensive answer)

As an acrylic artist, you may have heard the term acrylic paint curing. Especially in the case of varnishing, sticking to a surface, and paint durability. So you might wonder how long it will take for acrylic paint to cure. On average water-based paints like acrylic paint cure within one to two weeks in temperatures … Read more