Does acrylic paint stick to acrylic? (step by step guide)

Acrylic paint is very versatile. It can stick to almost any surface. Acrylic plastic which is known as plexiglass is a perfect material to paint with acrylics. Some of the special uses of acrylic plastic with acrylic paint are creating 3D art and reversible art pieces. But you might wonder if acrylic paint sticks to … Read more

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Ceramics can be converted into great pieces of art if colored. As acrylic paint is very versatile and sticks to almost anything, you might wonder how to fix acrylic paint on ceramic? Ceramic that is glazed or unglazed can be painted with acrylic paint. For better results choose bisque ceramic (unglazed ceramic) and prime with … Read more

How to stick acrylic paint on glass (and keep it off)

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A complete guide on sticking acrylic paint on metal

You might need to paint a metal sign or any metal piece with acrylic paint. Most oil-based paints can stick to metal. As acrylic paint is water-based, you might wonder will acrylic paint sticks to metal? Acrylic paint sticks to metal when the surface is prepared and primed with a metal primer or acrylic medium. … Read more

5 Easy steps to stick acrylic paint on plastic to last long

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What will acrylic paint not stick to (experiment results)

Acrylic paint is a very versatile paint that can stick to almost anything. It sticks to canvas, paper, board, wood, air-dry clay, polymer clay, and plaster. With surface preparation and sealing of the paints, it sticks to plastic, metal, glass, and fabric. I thought it would be interesting to know, what surfaces acrylic paint does … Read more

13 Reasons why acrylic painting is good for everyone

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