Is it okay to use a ruler in art? (Or is it cheating?)

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Mixing water with acrylic paint: Best ratios explained

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How long does gesso take to dry? (With influencing factors)

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Do you need to do the background first in a painting?

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Can you eat acrylic paint? (the truth about “nontoxic”)

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Fixing a messed-up acrylic painting: what you need to know

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11 Best things to strip and remove acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a versatile and safe art material. However, you might need to strip and remove acrylic paint when you got paint somewhere that you don’t want. In that case, you can use several liquids and materials depending on your situation to strip and remove acrylic paint. Acrylic paint can be stripped and removed … Read more

What is cheating in art? (Everything you need to know)

There is so much buzz and controversy around the topic of ‘cheating in art’ to the point no one knows a clear answer. Here is my answer to the question of ‘what is cheating in art’ considering both the ethical and legal implications of the matter. There is no such thing as cheating in the … Read more

Why is acrylic paint too thick? (and how to fix it)

You might have got new acrylic paint and it may feel too thick. Also, may have found find that some of your old acrylic paints are thicker and chunkier. The thick consistency is usually harder to paint with unless you are doing an impasto-style painting. So why has acrylic paint become too thick? Acrylic paint … Read more