What Colors Make Gold Color? (A Comprehensive Guide)

Gold is a color that has always fascinated us with its shiny and rich appearance. However, it seems like a color that is harder to mix for most of us, especially to get the metallic sheen. Here is how you can make the gold color for your artwork. The color gold is made by combining … Read more

What colors make silver? The color mixing guide included

Silver is such a useful color, especially when painting silver objects and giving a metallic sheen to other colors. However, mixing silver color with its reflective properties can be tricky. Silver color can be created by mixing a blob of titanium white with a dash of blue and a dash of black color. To add … Read more

What colors make magenta? The color mixing guide included

You might wonder if I said that magenta is an amazing creation of us humans. Yes, that is right. Magenta is not a real color that we see, rather it is made up by our brains. However, we can make the magenta color with paints and dyes. The best way to make magenta color by … Read more

What colors make violet? The color mixing guide included

Violet is such a beautiful color in nature. It is especially loved by the floral artists. So, you might wonder what colors make violet and how to mix it. The colors that make a vibrant and saturated violet are quinacridone magenta and ultramarine blue in a 2:1 ratio. Mix with titanium white to change the … Read more

What colors make tan? Color mixing guide and skin tones

Tan is a common color, especially on our skin. You might be doing a portrait and wonder how to mix tan skin tone, or you might want to add tan color anywhere in your painting. Either way, you need to know what colors make tan. Tan is a grayish-yellow color. It can be mixed using … Read more

Acrylic paint color mixing chart (with free downloadable)

Color mixing is fundamental when painting with acrylics. When you know how to mix colors and what to expect, it will be so much easy to build depth in your painting. In this case, a color mixing chart will come in handy. An acrylic color mixing chart helps to identify what colors to mix to … Read more

How to make orange with paint? Mixing shades, tints, hues

Orange color paint is used on many occasions, such as when painting a ripe fruit, expressing warmth and skin tones. You can blend orange colors any way you want if you know how to mix orange with paint. Orange color can be made by mixing red and yellow in a 1:3 ratio. The lightness or … Read more

What colors make yellow? and mixing different yellow shades

Yellow is a primary color in both RYB (red, yellow, blue) and CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color models meaning it cannot be mixed using other colors. I wanted to check if yellow cannot be mixed and ran a few experiments to find what colors make yellow. Here is what I have found. Mixing … Read more

What colors make blue? and mixing blue hues, shades, tints

Blue is one of our favorite colors. But it is known as a primary color that can not be made by mixing other colors. However, that’s not essentially true. So what colors make blue? The colors that make blue are cyan and magenta. Mix 10 parts cyan with 1 parts magenta for the best results. … Read more

What two colors make red? Mixing red shades, tints, hues

You might think that red is a primary color and it cannot be mixed by combining other colors. This is not essentially true. You can combine two colors to make red. The two colors that make red are magenta and yellow. Mix magenta and yellow in a 1:1 ratio for the best results. orangish or … Read more