I am Dilini and I write for Painting Gal. I am a self-taught artist who has the skills to create beautiful paintings. Picking up my brush and paint to create art is the best part of my day. Also, I am interested in diving deep into painting and learning about it.

I started painting and studied it when I was at school. That is when I realized I have a talent for creating beautiful art and paintings. Again, it was after college I found my talent and passion for painting. I mostly do paintings as a hobby and a way to make myself feel good.

I try to do one painting every single week. Usually, you will find me creating beautiful art, trying new painting techniques, or experimenting with paint at the weekend. Also, I love choosing paint. I spend a lot on high-quality pigment to make the artwork look its best.

In this blog ‘Painting Gal’, I will be sharing my passion, knowledge, and secrets of creating beautiful paintings. I usually do this by experimenting a lot with paint or discussing it with other experts in the industry. I will also be answering all of your painting questions so that you will not get stuck anywhere in your painting journey.