Do you need an easel to paint? (and what others prefer)

You might have seen many professional artists use easels when painting. But do we need them to get started? I thought of asking this question to a bunch of artists and seeing what they thought. Following is the conclusion I got from that. Many artists prefer using an easel when painting, to prevent the distortion … Read more

Pros and cons of acrylic house paint (and how to choose)

Every one of us needs a perfect painting job. But there are so many options of paints out there. You might have heard, that acrylic house paints have the highest quality. However, it has both pros and cons. The pros of acrylic house paints are; Resistant to waterborne stains Has lightfast pigments Dries quickly Offer … Read more

Why does acrylic paint have bubbles: how to fix, prevent

Most of us have seen those pesky bubbles on the paintings. They are of course annoying and cause dents or blisters on the canvas. We can see those bubbles, especially in acrylic pour art and maybe in acrylic paintings you do with a brush on the canvas. Bubbles on acrylics paints occur when air is … Read more