How to Fix an Overworked Acrylic Painting (Step-by-Step)

As an acrylic artist, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as realizing that you’ve overworked your acrylic painting. Maybe you were trying to blend colors, or perhaps you just got carried away with your brushstrokes. Whatever the reason, the result is a painting that doesn’t look quite right. But don’t worry, there are ways to fix … Read more

14 Less Common Acrylic Painting Surfaces Apart From Canvas

Acrylic paint is a very versatile art medium that can be used on almost any surface. Although many artists prefer canvas for acrylic painting there are many other options, often unknown to the artists but perfect for acrylic painting. In general, acrylic paint can be used on surfaces such as wood, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, … Read more

Worth of Acrylic Paintings: Unlocking The Value Formula

Have someone got interested in your painting and they want to buy it? As many of us started painting as a hobby, we may completely forget the pricing. However, it is important to price your artwork properly so that you can sustain your hobby or even the art business. So, let’s see how much acrylic … Read more

Using Acrylic Paint on Skin: Composition and Safety Issues

Acrylic paint is such a common and versatile paint, that anyone can find. Because of its availability many have wondered whether it can be used on our skin. This is yet a common use of acrylic paint with or without knowing the safety side. Let’s see if it is safe to use acrylic paint on … Read more

13 Best ways to get a smooth finish with acrylic paint

Have you ever looked at a painting and thought ‘that acrylic painting looks very smooth, I wish I could finish my painting like that’? So why not, you can do a smoother acrylic painting if you follow the below simple tips and techniques. To make acrylic painting smoother, apply multiple coats of gesso, and sand … Read more

Wetting The Canvas Before Painting: All You Need to Know

I have heard some artists say that it is best to wet the canvas before painting, usually the back of the canvas. As I am more concerned about having the best possible surface to paint on, I thought about researching if it is better to mist the canvas with water before painting, especially with acrylic … Read more

Do you need to re-apply gesso on an already primed canvas?

Canvas is an important material when it comes to painting. It is where artists put their hearts and soul to give birth to a masterpiece that could stand the real test of time. We should mainly make sure that our primary material, canvas, is primed correctly so that the following applications on it would be … Read more

Is it okay to use a ruler in art? (Or is it cheating?)

I was sitting at my drawing desk and was thinking if it is okay to use a ruler in the artwork I was about to do. I needed to do a speedy sketch but the straight lines drove me crazy. Something I read in an online community also came to my mind. According to that … Read more

Mixing water with acrylic paint: Best ratios explained

Once you started using acrylic paint, one of the first questions that may come to mind is whether to mix water with it or not. I will be answering that question in this article using my own experience as well as the experiments done by acrylic paint manufacturers. In general, acrylic paint can be thinned … Read more