About Dilini

Dilini is the main author at ‘PaintingGal.com’, where she shares her experiences, passion, knowledge, and secrets to creating beautiful paintings. This blog is her personal art journal. She writes about what she learned and also answers many questions from fellow acrylic artists on the blog ‘paintinggal.com’.

I started painting as a little girl. Since then I have worked with several art mediums from pastels to watercolors to acrylic paint. As I studied art at school as a subject, I got to know about the amazing art history. I always tend to create some paintings when I get bored or when I need to have peace of mind.

I have to say that I am not an artist by profession. But I have created dozens of beautiful paintings that I am really proud of. As I am a self-taught artist, I had to learn a lot when painting. However, I was able to find the right answers with the help of other experts and through trial and error.

In my painting journey, there are so many things that have learned that I would love to share with you. That is why I have started PaintingGal.com. In this blog, I am writing about all kind of painting-related articles from questions that seems smaller but important to, how-to guides, color mixing, and comprehensive beginner painting guides. Painting is something that we do to have a feeling of peace and fun. This blog will help you do that with much ease. Cheers!


Main author at PaintingGal.com