Why is acrylic paint not covering? (and how to fix it)

You might have seen some acrylic painting artists do some really good layering. Each layer has a good covering and is not transparent. If your want to cover the paint layers with acrylic paint, there are some neat things you need to follow. Acrylic paint does not cover well when there is less concentration of … Read more

Do you have to wet the brush before acrylic painting?

As a beginner, acrylic painting methods and techniques can be a bit overwhelming. In these cases, you might wonder if you need to wet the brush before painting with acrylics. As a general rule, wet the brush before painting with acrylics and dab off the excess water onto a paper towel, unless you are doing … Read more

Common acrylic paint questions and answers: Part 1

As a beginner in acrylic painting, it can be overwhelming to learn everything you need to know. However, knowing the answers to common acrylic painting questions will make you a fast learner. It will make a good headstart for you. Following are some common acrylic painting questions you need to know the answers to. I … Read more

What will acrylic paint not stick to (experiment results)

Acrylic paint is a very versatile paint that can stick to almost anything. It sticks to canvas, paper, board, wood, air-dry clay, polymer clay, and plaster. With surface preparation and sealing of the paints, it sticks to plastic, metal, glass, and fabric. I thought it would be interesting to know, what surfaces acrylic paint does … Read more

13 Reasons why acrylic painting is good for everyone

Acrylic paint was invented in 1955, after the oil paint. It was introduced as a solution to the slow drying and muted color palette of oil paint. Ever since both professional artists and students have used acrylics. These paintings lasted for decades if chosen in the right quality. I am a self taught artists and … Read more

Why is your acrylic paint sticky: 10 best ways to fix it

Sticky or tacky acrylic paintings can be annoying to all artists. If you are a beginner, you might wonder, why your acrylic paint is sticky. Acrylic painting is sticky when the painting is not fully cured, has poor ventilation, high humidity, uses low-quality paints, and thick painting layers. Avoiding the above aspects when painting, finishing … Read more

Do you need an easel to paint? (and what others prefer)

You might have seen many professional artists use easels when painting. But do we need them to get started? I thought of asking this question to a bunch of artists and seeing what they thought. Following is the conclusion I got from that. Many artists prefer using an easel when painting, to prevent the distortion … Read more

Pros and cons of acrylic house paint (and how to choose)

Every one of us needs a perfect painting job. But there are so many options of paints out there. You might have heard, that acrylic house paints have the highest quality. However, it has both pros and cons. The pros of acrylic house paints are; Resistant to waterborne stains Has lightfast pigments Dries quickly Offer … Read more

Why does acrylic paint have bubbles: how to fix, prevent

Most of us have seen those pesky bubbles on the paintings. They are of course annoying and cause dents or blisters on the canvas. We can see those bubbles, especially in acrylic pour art and maybe in acrylic paintings you do with a brush on the canvas. Bubbles on acrylics paints occur when air is … Read more